Cowichan Technology Tutors – Computer Help in Duncan BC

Mac Computer working great in Duncan BC

Excellent prices for lessons, setups, repairs, computer virus removal & much more! Help on your computer, tablet, cellphone, smart devices, website, printer, etc in the Cowichan Valley!

Computer Repair

Solving many issues including computer virus removal, tune-ups, repairs etc..

Tutoring & Lessons

Ask questions about computers, tablets, cell phones, Google, Alexa, printers, etc..

Website Design Duncan BC

WordPress Websites

Have your dream site designed for you or learn how to make a website from scratch.

Computer Support in Duncan BC

Would you like a hand setting up your computers or getting them to work a lot better? Can you grab a coffee and finish lunch before your computer gets onto the internet? I would love to help with these problems and many more so your electronics work great!

I can support by

Setting up computers, tablets, cell phones etc
Computer virus removal on Windows Apple Macs
Getting your electronics running the way they should be
Troubleshooting issues so you focus on what’s important
Computer virus removal on Routers and mobiles
Setting up printers and entertainment systems
Support for all your technology
Installing smart home devices

Computer support in Duncan BC

Computer Tutoring & Lessons

Do you have questions about computers, tablets, cell phones, or other technology? I would like to help answer them all while providing one on one lessons. I enjoy teaching in a way that is easy to understand so students learn the important things about computers without being bombarded with tech jargon.

Tutoring & Lessons on Electronics

Ask me all the questions about your computer, tablet, cell phone, and other devices so that you can do everything you would like with your smart devices.

Windows & Microsoft Office

Learn how to use Windows and the many programs that run on it. Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint,  Word, Outlook, and many other applications.

Apple Mac iPhone & iPad

Learn to use the latest features so you’ll get the most out of all your Apple devices like your Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, and all the newest features.

WordPress Websites & Lessons

Learn to design a WordPress website from beginning to being found on the most popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo & More!

Excellent Prices for Computer Services

$30/Hr at my Computer Spa

$40/Hr at your place