Never Have Two Antivirus Programs Installed

Antivirus Software Programs

Are an ever-growing necessity in the personal computing world. We take them for granted, they keep us safe and usually do much more good than bad; however, that isn’t always the case. Having more than one antivirus program installed at a time can lead to a bumpy road.

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Running two antivirus programs at once can lead to issues and computer repairs

Having two antivirus programs installed on your computer at once can sometimes be fine but this usually leads to various computer problems which can make your computer freeze up, run really slow, and make it so you have to bring your PC in for computer repair. Other symptoms of having two antivirus programs installed at the same time are computers acting strangely or not booting up at all. Most people would think they have a computer repair issue and need to bring their PC in to get fixed or that there could be a virus on the computer, when in fact it is simply that there are two antivirus programs installed at the same time.

How to avoid computer repairs

So you might be asking yourself how to prevent this. Well, turns out it is actually pretty simple:

Always ‘Uninstall’ Your Antivirus program before installing a New One 

– The first step before installing your new antivirus software is to remove your old antivirus program.

Even if you are moving from one version of an antivirus program to another version by the same company it’s important to uninstall the version which is currently on your PC before moving to the new antivirus software.

Important: New Computers Come with a 30 Day trial of an Antivirus Program

Your brand new computer out of the box will usually include 30 days of Antivirus. Typically Norton or McAffee. This means that if you would like to install a different Antivirus program you will need to uninstall the one that was pre installed on your machine

How do you uninstall your old Antivirus Program?

This depends on which version of windows you have on your computer, but here are some general pointers:

  1. Locate your ‘Control Panel’
  2. Look for the list of programs you have installed by clicking “Uninstall a Program” “Ad / Remove Program” or simply  “Programs”
    1. You know you did this correctly if you see a list of all kinds of programs on your computer.
  3. Find your antivirus program in this list, click it and press Uninstall / Remove.
  4. Make sure you have your new antivirus ready to install before you do this.
  5. After it has been removed you are good to install your new antivirus program.

… That’s it! Awesome job!! Now it’s all easy cruising!

It may seem simple, but it happens to so many people it is definitely something worth mentioning and educating! This is an important step in maintaining your computer and prevent your PC from needing computer repairs. If you would like assistance in upgrading your antivirus software or have run into computer problems we would love to help out!

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