5 best maintenance and computer repair tips to keep your computer running great!

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Andrew Blount

Below are my favorite computer repair tips which can help you maintain your computer so it keeps running great! Hope you enjoy the following tips for computer repair.

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My 5 favorite computer repair tips are

  1. Keep your programs and computer updated - A common trait I find with all my computer repair jobs are programs that are not updated. By updating the operating system and other programs you will be closing security holes that viruses can use to exploit the system.
    1. To Update Windows - Click on the Windows Start Menu, then type in “update”
    2. To update programs - Open the program, click on “help” then click update
  2. Use the Windows Maintenance Utility - Another common trait I find with computer repair jobs is that the computer has slowed down to a crawl. This is commonly the case because the computer has not been left on for long enough for the Windows Maintenance Utility to run. The best way to keep your computer running great and help with computer repair is to leave your computer on all day once a week.
  3. Use the Defragment and Optimize Drives Utility - On hard disk drives computers store files in clusters. When a file is written it takes a portion of space up on the drive and as other files get written they are placed next to the first file all in a row. When you add information to the first file the space beside its cluster is taken, this makes it so files need to be written in other areas of the drive. This is called being fragmented. When a computer defragments the drive it puts all the portions of each file together so each file is not spread around the hard drive. Defragmenting the hard drive will speed up the computer a lot and hopefully with computer repair service from the machine being too slow.
  4. Antivirus Avoid computer repairHave a good antivirus program installed - What’s the best anti-virus program? The one that is working and active. Lately, when I have cleaned viruses off computers that do not have current subscriptions had programs installed which makes it so no anti-virus program is actually working. Many anti-virus programs work for a year then expire. Many computers that I have seen infected have expired anti-virus programs on them which makes it so there is no protection working at all. To keep your computer running great it’s highly recommended that you have an anti-virus program installed and that it has a current license. If you have an expired anti-virus installed and don’t want to renew it you can simply uninstall the program. On Windows 10 there is a built-in anti-virus program called Windows Defender. It is much better to run Windows Defender than an expired anti-virus program.
  5. Keep your computer clean and avoid dust buildup - Computers like to run at a certain temperature and to stay relatively cool while operating. An important way to keep your computer running well is to avoid dust buildup and to keep all the vents clear so that it can stay cool while running. This is the best way to keep your computer running great and without needing computer repair.

Bonus computer repair tip:

Keep an up to date computer backup - It’s always recommended to keep an up to date computer backup in case the computer was to fail. It’s also recommended to keep an off-site backup if you are able to and just in case the worst happens.

If you need your computer repaired please contact me and I will do an awesome job of getting your computer to work great! To see all of the stuff I can help with you can visit my homepage here.

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