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Learn important computer skills from experienced professionals at Cowichan Technology Tutors. Our numerous years of expertise in this industry have enabled us to provide excellent quality tutoring services to our valued clients. We have taught computer skills for WorkSafe BC, Adult Learning, Elder College and enjoy helping at the Valley Seniors Center in Duncan, BC.


If you have questions about your Windows or Apple Computer, iPad, iPhone, or other devices we would like to help answer them all while providing one on one tutoring. We enjoy helping to make electronics simple to use by teaching in a way that is easy to understand so students can learn the things they would like to know without the tech jargon getting in the way.

Self-Paced Computer Lessons

Do you have questions about your Windows or Apple Computer, iPad, iPhone, or other devices? It is understandable that not everyone can be expected to know their way around every system. Most people have some know-how of the basic functionality, but what do you do if something goes wrong? COWTECH Tutors can help answer your questions and make your system easy to use! If you would like computer lessons in Duncan, BC Call 2508150432 and we will help make your system work great!

We offer Computer lessons in Duncan BC

Windows Computer Lessons

  • Email & Documents
  • Updates and Security
  • Operating System Lessons
  • Microsoft Office – Excel, Outlook, Word & More!
Offering Apple Computer Lessons in Duncan

Apple Computer Lessons

  • Email & Documents
  • Operating System Lessons
  • Photos and iMovie Lessons
  • iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro Lessons
Offering Online Computer Lessons

Online Computer Lessons

  • WordPress Websites
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Linux Computer Lessons
  • Android (Tablets & Cell Phones)

Computer Courses

We have a variety of courses to learn about technology including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows 10
  • Android & Samsung
  • Apple macOS
  • iPad or iPad
  • Google Apps

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