PC Repair in Duncan BC

Making your PC work like new

A computer is a lot like a musical instrument, after a while it can get out of tune, we can easily get it back in tune so it becomes more reliable and works great with just a little bit of effort! Our local PC repair services can solve the issues your computer is experiancing and get it working awesome again while making it easy to use and a pleasure to play on.

If your PC has always been a little slow we can probably make it work better than when it was new! ​We enjoy seeing how happy our clients are when they recieve their computer back and see how much easier it is to use, while being safer, and more reliable.

Local PC Repairs

We enjoy performing Local PC Repairs and making them run the way that it should. We can troubleshoot the Windows Operating System, upgrade parts, remove computer viruses, diagnose complex issues and simply get your computer working the way it should!

Image shows that Cowichan Technology Tutors can provide local PC repiars in Duncan BC
Local PC Repairs

Apple Computer Repairs

We enjoy performing Apple MacOS Repairs on MacBooks and iMacs so they run great. We can assist with removing virus malware software, installing programs, finding duplicate photos, and performing operating system upgrades or setups so your Apple Computer works great!

This image shows that Cowichan Technology Tutors can repair problems with iPad iPhone and Apple Computer in Duncan BC
IIIApple Computer Repairs

Other Repairs in Duncan BC

Some other repairs we can perform in Duncan BC include:

  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Printer / Internet Repairs
  • Virus / Malware Removal
  • Software / New Computer Setups
  • Hardware / Software / Operating System Troubleshooting
Image shows iMac and Printer sitting on a desk - showing that Cowichan Technology Tutors can repair printer, internet and all computer issues in Duncan BC
– Printer and Internet Repairs Duncan BC

What our clients say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Andrew was awesome…several businesses had advised to scrap my 6 year old laptop, saying it was not worth upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Andrew switched out the hard drive for a much better one that I purchased from Amazon, and installed Windows 10. WOW! My laptop is now very smooth and fast. What a difference. I paid $1100. for this laptop new, and it cost just over $200. for this total upgrade… Andrew was great, explaining all issues in easily understood language. Could not be happier. Thank You Andrew for your expertise.


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