Computer Repair

If your computer is slowing down and it has been more than a year since you had a computer repair tune-up by a technician you will notice a great performance boost by having a computer computer tun-up by Cowichan Technology Tutors. A computer is a lot like a musical instrument, after a while it gets out of tune and can easily be brought back to life with a little bit of effort. If your noticing your computer is not playing right we would love to get it working a lot better with our computer repair services.

Windows computer and cellphone sitting on a ledge working excellant after computer repair

Windows Computer Repair

We can provide computer repair service for everything that can Windows including speeding up slow computers, performing virus removal, upgrading parts, and setups for new machines so they work great!

iPad and Apple Mac Computer sitting on a desk

Apple (Mac) Computer Repair

We’ll get your Apple computer to work the way you want by installing software, cleaning any clutter they have picked up, or performing a virus removal service so your Apple (Mac) Computer keeps working great!

Computer Repairs to get your computer working great

Other Computer Repairs

+ Email Setup
+ WiFi & Wired Internet Setup
+ Get all of your devices to sync
+ Android Cell Phone & Tablet support
+ Printers setups & Fixing
& Much More!

Let’s get your computer working great!

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