Data Recovery

We would love to recover your photos, vidoes, documents, and other files with our Data Recovery Service in Duncan BC!

Our data recovery service can recover files that are gone due to a number of reasons. If your computer no longer boots up or files have been accidentally deleted chances are we can get them back for you! We can recover files from broken computers, external hard drives, CD/DVD, USB Drives and many other places. Our data recovery service can recover from any device that is recognized by our computer.

If you have permanently deleted files and would like them recovered chances are we are able to help, even if you have been told that your files are lost for good. If I cannot bring your files back it means your storage has been damaged and it needs to be reconstructed in a clean room.

Image shows that Cowichan Technology Tutors can recover erased files

Erased Files

We can easily get your erased files back even after you have permanently deleted them.

Image shows that Cowichan Technology Tutors can provide Data Recovery Services on broken computers in Duncan BC

Broken Computers

We can get photos, email, documents and other files back from broken computers.

Image shows that Cowichan Technology Tutors can recover lost  photos and videos in Duncan BC
We can recover lost photos and videos

Recover Photos, Vidoes & More

We can recover photos, videos & more from camera cards, flashdrives and other computer storage.

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Questoins About Our Data Recover Service?

Q: My Windows, Apple or Linux computer no longer turns on, can you restore my files?
A: Even if your computer does not turn on I should be able to restore your files! I can restore files from Windows, Apple (Mac) and Linux Machines.

Q: My cameras memory card with all my photos has been deleted, can you recover them?
A: I can recover photos, documents, videos and other files from many types of camera cards.

Q: I accidentally emptied my recycle bin can you help me retrieve my files?
A: Yes! If you have emptied important files in your recycle bin or erased them while it said they are being “permanently erased” I should be able to recover them for you.

Q: Is there anything I should do to prepare for my device for the data recovery service?
A: Yes, stop using the device. While using the device data can be written to the same spot on the storage which makes it harder to get the data back. The best chance to get the data back is to stop using the device until it is being recovered

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